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See a Houston Acid Reflux Doctor for Help with Heartburn

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who experience heartburn regularly, then you may be suffering from acid reflux disease. Although this condition is common, many people have difficulty treating it. Lifestyle and dietary changes often are required. If you make these changes and continue to have discomfort, then it makes sense to contact a Houston acid reflux doctor.


Acid reflux and its related conditions have many symptoms. The most common one is heartburn, which is a burning pain that can reach from the stomach all the way to the throat. Many people also experience regurgitation, which involves bitter-tasting acid backing up into the throat or mouth. Frequent burping, bloating, persistent hiccups and nausea also may be signs of acid reflux.


Numerous factors may increase an individual’s risk for developing acid reflux. Frequently, women who are pregnant are plagued by this problem though they may never have experienced it before. The symptoms typically resolve themselves after the birth, but other risk factors are more persistent. Your chances of experiencing acid reflux may be heightened if you are overweight, eat large meals shortly before lying down or indulge in a snack before bedtime. People who smoke are more likely to have acid reflux, and certain foods are known to bring on an attack.


These foods include favorites like chocolate and common ingredients like onions and garlic. Citrus fruits, tomatoes and mint also may be contributing factors. Foods that are especially fatty or spicy similarly may increase your risk level. Additionally, drinking carbonated beverages or alcohol has been known to contribute to symptoms. Some people find that their condition is triggered by coffee or tea. Avoiding these foods and beverages may be an important step toward getting rid of acid reflux for good.


Certain over-the-counter and prescription medications have been known to bring on acid reflux. These include common medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin as well as medications that control blood pressure.


Acid reflux occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter doesn’t close all the way. This imperfect closure allows acid to back up into the throat, causing many uncomfortable symptoms. Eliminating certain foods and beverages, losing weight and quitting smoking all are reliable methods for alleviating the symptoms of acid reflux. When these measures fail to achieve the desired result, it is time to contact a Houston acid reflux doctor. Call Dr. Fisher’s office at (713) 520-8188 to schedule a free phone consultation.

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