Injury, inflammation or degeneration. This blend provides an optimum combination of sulfur to reduce inflammation and silica to promote connective tissue health

Contains 6 necessary products including minerals and vitamins for healthy bone building support at any age. 45 to 60 day supply depending on usage, physical activity and overall health.  Directions are included in the kit.


Kit includes: Optimal Multi Pro, Nano Ionic Joint, Ocean Meds, BioFilm Detox,  Raw Nattokinase, and NAC Pro.

Directions are included in the kit.

  • Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silica (Cell Ready)
  • Nano Ionic joint Formula (Cell Ready)
  • Ocean Meds (Power Anti-Inflammatory)
  • Optimal Multi Pro Multi Vitamin with balanced adrenal support to help stress and methylation.
  • Biofilm Detox (detaches and flushes biofilm from the mouth and gut)
  • Raw Nattokinase (research shows it helps with blood clots, joint pain, and inflammation)
  • NAC PRO (Decongests Liver and Brochia)

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