Our Professional Packs include one bottle of each of the following products. Each Pack lasts approximately 30 to 60 days depending on dosage/usage. The packs are designed to help restore balance and health and are for Chronic and Acute Illness.



Kit includes: Hair Again, Bio-lodine, Optimal Multi Pro, Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silicia, MBM Remedy #11 Thyroid-Adrenal.

This Kit contains the following along with complete instructions.

  • Hair Renew (Homeopathy)

This is the only hair formula on the market with Hair Bulb, a homeopathic sarcode (made from healthy hair).  The ingredients have been used for hair loss for women and men in various stages of this condition for the past 200 years, whether hormone and stress related or not.

What is unique about this formula?

This ORAL formula contains a combination of remedies that assist in eliminating the following symptoms and indications for use according to many homeopathic Materia medical’s.  Directions for use are on the bottle.

  • Bio Iodine: Contains biologically available iodine and chamomile to reduce irritation.
  • Mind~Body~Meridian Remedy #11: Thyroid/Adrenal Balance. Balances Meridians, Glands, Organs and Emotions.
  • Optimal Multi Pro: Multi Vitamin with Phos. Choline/Serine Complex

• Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silica (Cell Ready)


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