Premier Greens is a live source, organic, vegan vitamin and mineral supplement and superfood. It’s the most powerful and potent green food mineral formula.


  • Nature’s most advanced plant foods for great health, wellness and DNA rejuvenation; contains every nutrient essential for life.
  • Helps increase energy and fat metabolism.
  • Promotes healthy digestion, cleansing and better stress management.
  • Low-temperature, air-dried, quantum-state, nonhybrid, pesticide-free grasses from South America – the finest ever produced.
  • Absolutely no fillers, binders, sweeteners, pesticides, or toxic solvents.


D3 serum

D3 Serum is the healthiest, natural vitamin D3. Supports healthy bones, nerves, heart, brain, lungs, breasts, colon, stomach, pancreas, prostate, uterus, ovaries & kidneys

How can you get vitamin D?

Vitamin D is one of the few nutrients the body needs that does not come from a wide variety of foods. Although salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna can deliver about 200 I.U./serving, they are not an adequate source of D3. After fortification, milk delivers only vitamin D2 – not D3, the real thing. Vitamin D2 is also added to fortified dairy products but does not function in the same way as D3. Vitamin D3 can be more than 3 times as effective as D2 in maintaining and raising vitamin D blood levels. Although vitamin D3 is more expensive to produce, it is clearly superior to D2. That’s why we only use D3 in our D3 Serum.

In fact, only one specific source of D3 has met all four of our criteria:

(1) It is live source,

(2) Has no toxic tagalongs,

(3) Tests onto all four polarities, and

(4) It tests so strong that its biofield cannot be stress-tapped off even at 100+ stress-taps. (As a point of reference, we have found that the biofield of even the best organically grown American food typically stress-taps off at only 5 stress-taps.)


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