Near the very top of our list of the greatest ways to maintain great health is getting a good night’s sleep every single night. Melatonin-ND is a spectacular product with advanced sleep support benefits. Melatonin-ND delivers clinically significant amounts of probiotic-fermented melatonin with convenience of dose as well as unlimited versatility. Only when you sleep well at night can you wake refreshed so you can be your very best during the day. So step up to premier quality sleep support nutrition- and experience the very best quality of life by getting a good night’s sleep. KEY FACTORS THAT MAY AFFECT SLEEP HEALTH:
  • In adequate vitamins, antioxidants, protein and essential fatty acids in the diet.
  • Poor sleeping area, uncomfortable bed, synthetic bedding materials, noise, too much light, high EMFs.
  • Eating close to bed time.
  • Insufficient sunlight exposure (to stimulate pineal / hypothalamus glands).
  • Immune stress.
  • Pain anywhere in the body.
  • Stressed digestion, especially low hydrochloric acid production.