/Brain & Memory Kit
  • Adaptogen-R-3 is a comprehensive adaptogenic formula. The lean-body boost, immunity, adrenal support & peak performance adaptogenic herbs. Supports maximum performance, increased energy, endurance, enhanced oxygen & nutrient uptake, optimal neurotransmitter production, adrenal/pituitary axis, memory, mental, hormonal system rejuvenation support. EPA/DHA Marine is a premier Fish Oil Concentrate for brain, kidneys, heart, and joint health.
    • Supports kidney, cardiovascular, neurological, vision and joint health.
    • High quality, great tasting fish oil, naturally high in EPA and DHA.
    • Cleanest form of fish oil.
    • Not molecularly distilled, which adversely affects every area of the body.
    • Convenient to take and inexpensive.
    • Naturally low in environmental contaminants.
  • After many years of research and development in the area of memory and neurological regulation, the following kit has been developed for all those who may want to experience optimal wellness.  All products are Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Not Irradiated, No coloring, No Preservatives, No Flow Agents. This kit includes the following products, which is a one-month supply.  (A three-month program is suggested for many people.)  Instructions are included in the kit. Note:  This kit includes one homeopathic remedy. Homeopathy is taken 20 minutes between food, drink and other supplements. Caffeine is contraindicated with all homeopathic medicine.