/Blood Sugar Support
  • Contains 7 necessary products including minerals and vitamins for healthy bone building support at any age. 45 to 60 day supply depending on usage, physical activity and overall health.  Directions are included in the kit.
    • Nano Ionic Multi Minerals with Silica (Cell Ready)
    • Bio Age Reverse
    • MBM #6 Liver/Anger, frustration
    • MBM #9 Spleen, pancreas/rejection, low Self-Esteem
    • Optimal Multi Pro Multi Vitamin with balanced adrenal support to help stress and methylation.
    • Vitamin D3: Immune system regulator, improves overall health
  • AdrenaVen supports adrenal glands, deep sleep, increased energy, better libido, calm mood and better memory. Also supports healthy blood sugar regulation, healthy kidney performance, strengthened spleen function and rapid improvement in cellular health. The adrenal glands are a key organ system for managing fluid balance, settling inflammation and providing sustained energy throughout the day .The adrenals help you sail through the negative effects of stress, including emotional, mental and physical stress, and they fight fatigue and muscular weakness.