More people are becoming intrigued by holistic medicine. Nonetheless, several misconceptions about this practice, and how it compares to conventional medical care, continue to linger. Greater understanding about how a Houston holistic medicine doctor can help you, and how that care can be used alternatively to or in conjunction with conventional medical care, will help patients to lead the healthiest lives possible.


Perhaps the biggest difference between holistic and conventional medicine is that conventional methods focus almost solely on the body, frequently seeing it as being made up of diverse systems and compartments. Holistic medicine, on the other hand, tends to take a more comprehensive approach. Treatments and preventative methods take the mind, body and spirit into account all at once. This means that the patient’s health is viewed as a comprehensive whole that functions better when every system and component is operating in concert.


Similarly, conventional medicine tends to place a primary focus on eliminating physical symptoms that the patient is suffering. A holistic medicine doctor is more likely to encourage patients to take charge of their own healing by making various lifestyle changes that will promote optimum health. Accordingly, while the primary treatment methods of the conventional doctor include prescription drugs and surgery, the holistic doctor focuses on nutritious dietary choices, regular exercise, behavior modification and environmental adjustments among other methods.


Conventional medical doctors may make recommendations for patients as to dietary changes, exercise programs and improved stress-management techniques, but these are typically secondary treatment methods. Accordingly, conventional medicine tends to treat symptoms without always getting to the root cause of the complaint.


Holistic medicine is not necessarily the easier path for the patient. That is because it requires time to bring about changes. Dedication and commitment are critical to success. However, most people who try holistic medicine find that the changes they make are overwhelmingly positive ones. People tend to experience feelings of enhanced energy, better sleep, improved relationships and loss of excess weight when they accept and practice the principles of holistic medicine.


Making holistic medicine a part of your approach to a healthier lifestyle may be easier than you think, particularly when you have an experienced, enthusiastic Houston holistic medicine doctor working with you. Call Dr. Fisher at (713) 520-8188 for a free phone consultation to learn more about how to live your best life ever.