Most people who try a cleanse under the guidance of an experienced Houston alternative medicine doctor find that it is a life-changing experience. They get so many benefits from the journey, that they do a cleanse once or twice a year.


Spring and fall traditionally are considered the ideal times for cleansing, but the reality is that you can feel the benefits of detoxification in any season. If you’ve heard about cleansing before but have questions about it, you’ll definitely want to know about how the process can benefit you.


One of the main benefits of detoxifying is that it brings your mind, body and spirit into better alignment. People who undergo a cleanse often find that they experience less stress on a daily basis. This largely is because of the avoidance of stimulants like caffeine, refined sugars and alcohol. Without these substances coursing through the body, the adrenal glands get the break they’ve been needing. This redoubles their ability to help the body cope with the stresses that affect it every day.


Many people also have reached a deeper state of consciousness thanks to a successful cleanse. As toxins leave their bodies, so do negative thoughts and feelings. This contributes to a feeling of being more alert, awake and productive. Many people have an emotional or spiritual breakthrough that sets them on a new positive path, and all because they tried a cleanse with a Houston alternative medicine doctor.


Of course, the benefits of a cleanse are not just emotional and spiritual. They are good for your body too. Toxins are inherent in many of the foods and beverages that are commonly consumed in modern society. By avoiding highly processed foods for a period of days or weeks, you’ll start to feel better as your body gains improved functionality. You may find that you have more energy throughout the day and that you’re less susceptible to all of the illnesses that are going around the office.


Some people are even able to end a food addiction thanks to detoxification. Food manufacturers are not above putting addictive substances in the products they make. For people with greater levels of dopamine receptors, this is bad news. Fortunately, a cleanse can break the cycle of food addiction, making it possible to make healthier choices.


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