Many women could benefit from hormone rejuvenation therapy. Unfortunately, most of them will go to conventional doctors who will recommend hormone replacement therapy. The problem is that hormone replacement carries with it many side effects and risks. By comparison, hormone rejuvenation therapy, which is prescribed an alternative medicine doctor, is safe and natural with minimal or no side effects.


What’s Wrong with Hormone Replacement?


Hormone replacement involves the delivery of estrogen via pill, injection, patch or gel to a woman who is experiencing the symptoms of menopause or other symptoms that indicate a hormonal imbalance. While the symptoms may be troubling and disruptive, it is crucial to understand that hormone replacement can have significant risks and side effects that are potentially more harmful than the condition it is meant to treat.


For instance, research suggests that estrogen-progesterone therapy, when administered orally, increases a woman’s risk of being diagnosed with heart disease. It also shows an increased tendency towards blood clots and strokes.


Additionally, hormone replacement may cause the breasts to swell and become tender. Mammograms may show an increase in density that makes it difficult to detect cancerous cells. Some hormone therapies have been linked to increased rates of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer. Women who have suffered these forms of cancer in the past are recommended to not risk hormone replacement.


Some women who undergo hormone replacement experience ongoing problems with bloating and fluid retention. These symptoms frequently are accompanied by nausea. Studies demonstrate that women who are treated with hormone replacement are more likely to encounter problems with the gallbladder or have to deal with urinary incontinence.


One of the more troubling side effects of hormone replacement is the risk for dementia. A 15-year study called the Women’s Health Initiative concluded that women in menopause who undergo hormone replacement are more likely to develop this frightening condition.


Try Hormone Rejuvenation in Houston Instead


Fortunately, there is an alternative to conventional hormone replacement. More and more women are discovering a safe, natural approach that does not put them at greater risk for cancer, dementia and other troubling issues. Just as importantly, hormone rejuvenation in Houston is extremely effective, especially when combined with a healthy diet, exercise and stress-reduction techniques.


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