An allergy is the immune system’s exaggerated response to something in the environment. This substance may not create such a reaction in most people, but someone with a particular sensitivity may experience a wide range of symptoms that go from congestion to nausea and everything in between. People frequently think of allergies as being related to triggers like pollen and pet dander. However, food allergies are far more common than most people realize. This is why food allergy testing in Houston is critical to overall health and well-being.


When you ingest a food that your body is sensitive to or cannot tolerate, then various systems in your body experience inflammation. For some reason, ingestion of certain foods causes the immune system to release antibodies. Essentially, the body believes that it is under attack by a foreign substance, so it does everything it can to fight off the invasion. The result is excess mucous production, fatigue, pain and damage to the various tissues of the body.


Conventional medicine usually treats the symptoms of a food allergy without getting to the cause of the problem. Antihistamines and steroids are prescribed, suppressing the individual’s immune system. Frequently, this means that the patient will suffer from side effects associated with the drugs and may develop additional illnesses as a result of the suppression of the immune system.


Alternative medicine takes a different approach. Food allergy testing in Houston typically relies upon a simple blood draw, which may be done in some cases with just a poke of the finger. The blood is tested for the presence of antibodies that suggest which foods the individual may be allergic to. Other reliable testing methods are available from an alternative medicine doctor.


Many people go for years without realizing that they have a food allergy at all. This is often because the symptoms of a food allergy may not present themselves for hours or even a couple of days after ingestion. Nevertheless, symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, bloating, sinusitis, chronic pain and fatigue all may be caused by foods that people eat.


Food allergy testing is the best way to determine which foods might be causing you ongoing discomfort and distress. Contact Dr. Fisher today at (713) 520-8188 for a free telephone consultation, and to learn more about how eliminating certain foods from your diet can have you feeling like a whole new person.